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Jamie little nude

Jamie little nude

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Related article: Date: Tue, 2 little shy girls Dec 2008 03:43:06 -0800 little golden books (PST) From: Bob Archman Subject: Catfish helps Uncle Jake 7Catfish Helps Uncle Jake 7By Bald Hairy ManThis story fills in a gap between Young Catfish and Millennium Construction Company. Catfish also appears in Play Pen. It is a story about gay men and gay sex. If you don't like that little kiddy cumshots DON'T read it. You have been warned. It is intended for adults to read, not for minors. It is a fantasy, not a sex manual. No effort to portray safe sex practices has been made. If you have any comments send them to or next day I was busy at Mom's house. She needed some garden work done and had the day off. She was on duty that night, but a little rascal scooter free day was unusual for her. It seemed like old times. I wasn't that old, but it was nice to have things they way they use to be, even if it's only for a day. Near the end of the day one of my old friends was walking by. Scotty was my oldest friend and he and I discovered cock sucking together. He was in the Army now, had slimed down a lot and seemed grown up.He was on a furlough for two more days. "I ran into Bubba and Polecat today," he remarked. "They'd like to get together and talk about old times." I knew talking wasn't want they wanted. He got closer to me and whispered, "Do you have a place?"I said I was staying with Uncle Jake and he might like to see the boys again. Scotty looked relieved. "That would be really nice. I've missed you all." I said I call Jake and see if it was okay. Mom was out getting groceries, so I called Jake and he was game. Jake's always game. I told Scotty to come by the house at 7:30 or so.I got back to Jake's at five, made dinner smoll little porn and we were ready for company. Bubba called at seven and said a friend had dropped in. "Is there room for one more?"I asked Jake and it was fine with him. Bubba was happy about that. We had all been playmates when I was younger. Bubba and Polecat worked on the town crew. They were nice guys, but not the brightest bulbs in the hardware store.Scotty got here early, he was always hot to trot. Bubba, Polecat and their friend got to the house at 7:30 on the dot. Both Bubba and Polecat had gained some weight and were a lot hairier. The looked scrubbed up. Both spent time digging ditches and were usually covered in dirt. Their friend was a slim and dapper businessman type. He was wearing an alligator shirt and looked as if he was ready to tee off."Nice to see you Henry," Uncle Jake said. "I didn't know you were a member of the fraternity. This is my nephew, Catfish. Catfish, this is Henry Miller, he's our Commonwealth's Attorney.""It's nice to see you little tushy Jake," Henry replied. "I'm not sure I should be here."Jake smiled. "Don't worry, this is the safest place you can be. I can vouch for everyone here.""I never would have guessed . . . " Henry started to say."No one does, and to tell the truth, I've had a pretty active sex life, none of it with women.""You were married!" Henry exclaimed."You never knew my late wife. As I said, I've had a busy sex live all of it with men," Jake said. "As far as I know there's never been a whisper. You can relax here." Henry still looked a little uneasy as we went to Jake's bedroom. Once we got naked and the sex started he joined in little tushy and forgot his concerns."Well Henry needs to relax a lot," Bubba said. "Polecat and me have been giving him some lessons in having fun. He's a fast learner, but he still has the graduation festivities ahead of him. He a great sucked and shoots a good load. He's a good top too. He still has a virgin hole and he's on schedule to lose that tonight.""These guys are huge!" Henry said. He was trying to sound off hand about it. But I knew he was worried.Uncle Jake laughed. "Catfish and I never poke our cocks where they're not wanted. Just let nature take its course."Henry was a bland looking guy, your perfect Joe Average. Naked he was Joe Above Average. He was toned and tanned. I had guessed he played golf, but in fact he was a swimmer. While he came with Bubba and Polecat, he went to Scotty like a moth to a flame. Actually Scotty was looking a little boys masturbating bit above average too. He was clean cut and well groomed.Bubba little boys masturbating went to take care of Jake. They always got along personally and sexually. I got stuck with Polecat. I would hate to say that anyone is ugly, but Polecat came close. I hadn't seen him in four years. He was always hairy, but now he was shaggy. He didn't shave at all, so his beard merged with his chest hair and his topless little girls pony tail merged with his back hair. His beard was the size of a beaver. He looked like he had been raised in a hollow in the woods.He looked that little girls mpeg way because he was raised in a hollow in the woods. Polecat had a job and was a hard worker, traits that were rare in his family. I liked him. He had no hangups about sex at all. If you could do it with a cock or an asshole, Polecat was game. He liked just about anything you could do to him, or with him. He had a cock that was wider than it was long and balls that hung to his knees. If you think of man seed as a food group, Polecat was the guy for you. He shoots buckets of the stuff.I sucked him for a while, that turned into a good 69 session. Polecat was always a good leaker. He had a wide, mushroom style cock head with a wide slit. I could get my tongue inside his cum chute and lick up the precum as it emerged from the balls. I was feasting on his juices, when he opened his mouth wide. Suddenly my entire cock was down his throat. This was damn rare and I almost shot off then and there. We rolled on our sides so my balls didn't cover his nose.He was freshly showered but the musky little golden books smell of man balls was still strong. He deep throated me again. I thought it had been just a fluke, but Polecat must have developed a detachable jaw like some snakes. Not only cock he take the whole thing, he liked doing it. Every time he did it. I'd get a extra big spurt of precum from his dick.We took a break to catch our breaths and looked around the bedroom. Henry was deep throating Scotty and was obviously enjoying it. Scotty was sitting in a chair, so Henry was on the floor with his ass open.Polecat and I noticed that at the same time. He looked at me and mouthed the words, "Got Lube?" Our minds worked the same way. Of course lube was nearby. I got the tube and we went to Henry's ass. Scotty saw us and smiled."Now just relax Henry," he said. "We're going to have some fun." Henry started when Polecat touched his ass, but he relaxed a little. Polecat was a crude looking man, but he took his time and eased his finger into the virgin tunnel. Of course Henry was nervous, but he was trying to be a good sport. Polecat found Henry's prostate and I saw him shiver in excitement."Bubba, I found Henry's on button," Polecat remarked. "Who wants to be first. I'll have him ripe in a few minutes."He asked just to be polite. From the second Henry saw Scott, I knew Scott would be the first. Not only was Scott more than willing he had a good cock for a maiden cruise. He had a classic cut, lollipop dick with a big head and a slender curved shaft. It was big enough, but not too big in my judgment.Scott got out of the chair and Bubba took his place. Henry was familiar with Bubba's organ and he was comfortable sucking it. Scott got into position and nudged his cock head into the hole. To tell the truth Scott was so careful and gentle I was too sure it could be classified as a fucking.Scott pulled out little schoolgirls a few times, then re entered. You could sense Henry getting more comfortable with each penetration. Delicate as he was, Scotty's cock vanished into Henry's ass. I sexy little things was still young then, but I knew a good fit when I saw it. The more Henry relaxed, the more animated Scotty became.Scotty suddenly moaned and began to shake. He didn't have time to pull out so Henry took his first load. When he finally pulled out, Bubba asked, "Are you ready for more?" Henry nodded.I took his place on the chair. Henry looked at my meat and sucked. I was drooling pretty good after my time with Polecat. Henry seemed to like that. Bubba's little girls cz cock was quite a bit thicker than Scott's. He had a bullet shaped head and his cock was straight as an arrow.Bubba was a man rammer by his nature, but he took his time with Henry. He was thick and stretched Henry's ass wider, but Bubba also had Scott's cum as lubricant. Bubba and Scott were pals, but I guessed they were more than pals at one time. Cum is a great lubricant, and a friend's cum is even better.As far as I'm concerned a cock can only be so bad, but a friend's cock is often a lot better. I love precum, but cum isn't as much of a taste treat for me. I love it when it's a friend's seed. I have some friends who like cum any which way. I can take it or leave it, unless it's really fresh and spurting from a pal's cock.I remember watching Polecat taking Bubba's jiz the first time. Polecat was a happy man. As I watched Bubba poking Henry's ass I wondered if it was Henry's ass, or Scott's cum that was the main attraction. Bubba popped and added his seed to Henry's ass . When he pulled out things calmed down some. A rest period was in order."You look like you need a rest," Jake said to Henry. "Come join us on the bed.""I'm afraid my ass will drip," Henry said."Well, it won't be the first time," Jake said, "You need to rest." He got in the bed between Jake and me. Bubba and Polecat went to shower. Scott was on the chair sleeping. That happened to him after a big orgasm."Are you guys going to fuck me?" Henry asked us."Not unless you want us to," Jake said. "Somehow I think you may have had enough for one night.""That may be right," Henry said. "I was good, a lot better than I thought it would be. I do mean a lot better.""Did you know you had a sex organ up your ass?" I asked.Henry laughed. "Not really. It was a shock. A pleasant shock, but a shock.""Polecat fingered your prostate, but was the cock better?" I asked."Oh God yes! I didn't guess it would be as good as it was.""How in hell did you meet Bubba and Polecat?" Jake asked. "Those two reprobates are nice guys, but they don't strike me as your type.""It's a little embarrassing," he said."Shit Henry, we just spent the last half hour watching Bubba and Scott fuck you," Jake said. "It's a little late to get embarrassed." Polecat came out of the bath. Bubba was right behind him."What's embarrassing?" Bubba asked. Jake little tushy explained the conversation they had missed."Hey why be embarrassed about getting fucked. I like a cock in my ass and I don't care who knows, or watches," Bubba said. sweet little tits "Polecat doesn't care either, but that's not the same. Polecat doesn't care about much. He's a free spirit.""Is free spirit what you call it?" Jake asked. He was smiling. He liked Polecat and Polecat knew it. Neither Jake or I had shot off yet and this conversation did nothing to soften up our cocks.Bubba saw our condition. xxx little russia He got some lube and coated Jake's cock. He then straddled Jake and impaled himself on my Uncle's cock. Bubba winced when the head popped through his sphincter, but it was easy after that. He was soft when the knob popped into his ass, but fully erect was the time his ass rested on Jake's pubes.Polecat knew a good thing when he saw it. He took a position straddling my cock. It was a bit harder for him to impale himself. He was willing, but his ass wasn't too sure, but where there's a will there's a way. Henry was may have been shocked as the two men fucked themselves on our cocks. He did get hard again."Okay Henry. Let's hear the story how you men these two stud muffins."I went to Battle Run Park sort of looking for some fun," Henry said. "Polecat came out of the park and saw me. He came over and said some Troopers was on the prowl. It was a bad day to go walking in the park.""I said there was nothing wrong about walking in the park," Henry said. "Polecat little lady lumps asked if I like to have a cup of coffee. He said he lived near by.""Henry thought I was going to rob him or something," Polecat said. "Thank God he was so horny he was willing to take the chance." Polecat was doing a pole dance on my cock. He was rock hard and so much precum had drooled form his cock it little kiddy cumshots looked lubricated."I got to his trailer. It was on a secluded site. I little sexy pussi was afraid someone would see me. I was also afraid Polecat would kill me." The only one who could have seen me was littles girls fucked Crystal Jones, but she was with a man and didn't notice me."Apparently you lived," Jake said with a smile.Henry smiled. "I did. Polecat got naked, I got naked and he began to suck. This was the first time I had been with a man in a private residence, not in a park or a rest stop. It was wonderful. A week later I dropped by again. I knocked on the door and Bubba was there. I was sacred to death. I had seen Bubba when he was accused of assault.""I was suck little tiny innocent," Bubba proclaimed. He was doing the same sort of dance on Jake's love pole. He was graceful as he did the hula hula. secret little agency He knew exactly where he wanted Jake's cock in his ass. Jake enjoyed it too."I remember you were innocent, but I was afraid you'd tell the papers about me. Then Polecat appeared, he was stark naked and told us both to strip. It was time to have some fun. We stripped and we had fun. I came in Bubba's mouth and I thought little porn xxx he be mad. I said I was sorry.""I told him it would be fine if he took Polecat's load," Bubba said. "I wanted to see the expression on his face when the dam broke. Henry surprised me. He loved little devil tattoos it." by now Scotty woke up and joined us. Scotty was a good sport and he saw that Henry had the only free cock.He lubricated Henry's rod and took his seat between Bubba and Polecat. Scotty wasn't the strong and silent type. When he liked something he let you know. Henry's cock must have hit something special in his ass. Scotty went wild.I think good sex is messy sex and soon there was cum everywhere. On us, on the sheets and on the wallpaper. Henry had to take a shower before he went home, but I think he was a better man. As he left he asked if he might come by another time. I said sure."Do you think it will fit?" I asked."I don't know, but I'd like to give it a try." he replied.The other boys were in the bedroom with Jake still messing around some. I asked Polecat if he spent much time in Battle Run Park. "I wouldn't say I spent a lot of time there but in the summer I've been known to see what's up," he said. "it was a good place a few years ago, but there's been some strangers there.""What kind of strangers?""Guys I don't know," he said. "Who ever they were they were into having some fun. Some were surveyors, but they were our normal guys. There were a few businessman types. I wasn't what they were after, but they didn't want to have anything to do with me. Maybe I scared them off. It did see that woman there with her boyfriend. 'you know that "Call Crystal" woman who has all the adds. Usually it's teenagers who are messing around there.""They were messing around?""No. That's the strange thing. They didn't want to be seen, but they seemed to be any thing that needed privacy. They suck little tiny were scouting out then place. They didn't see me, but they weren't messing around. I would have minded messing around the the guy myself," Polecat volunteered."What did he look like?""Clean shaven, dark hair, good body under the clothes. He wasn't a local," Polecat said. "I saw them there a year or so and they were back maybe two months ago.""Polecat likes fresh meat," Bubba explained."I like my meat aged to perfection," Scotty sexy little things said. Uncle Jake had him bent over the bed and was slow fucking him."Scotty you just took Henry's cock!" I said."I thought I do a little anal dilation before Scotty goes back the the army," Jake said. He had one petit little angels arm on Scotty's shoulder, and the other pressed down on the small of Scotty's back. That position forced Jake's cock into Scotty's prostate. This would drive Scotty crazy. Bubba, Polecat and I just sat back and watched Scotty loose it.
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